How Does a Heating and Air Conditioning System Work

Get to Know the Nature of a Heating Service Company’s Job

To give you more insight on what exactly is the nature of a heating service provider’s responsibilities, we, at Comfort Zone Complete Building Service, have prepared a short article on how HVAC systems work. Get to know exactly what you are purchasing, and how does it work.

Climate-control devices have 3 basic components. These are: controls for regulating the system, sources of cool or warm air, and the means for its distribution. When it comes to a heating service, the source of warm air is usually a furnace, while cool air is provided by an air conditioner. Combinations may vary, however, in houses both devices use the same air ducts, thermostat and distribution systems. When you turn to air conditioning and heating service provider, the problem is usually in one of these systems.

Heat always follows the same path. This is the path from a warm object to one that is cooler. This principle is what heating and air conditioning is based upon. Heaters and furnaces give off heat to warm your home, while air conditioners remove it, in order to cool it down. Regardless of which system we are talking about, they always use fuel to work. In the case of air conditioners, the source of power is electricity, while heating systems use fuel oil or gas. In some cases, heating is also provided by electricity. One such device, that uses electricity to heat and cool air is the heat pump. It takes heat from the inside of your home to cool it down, or takes it from outside to heat it up.

Furnaces work in a simple manner. They consume the power of the fuel that feeds them, and produce heat, which is channeled through your ducts, wires, or pipes, to warm the living areas in your home. Some systems use the heat to heat water, which after that heats the air. They operate using a boiler, that stores and heats water. The water itself circulates through your home, using pipes that are embedded in your walls, ceilings or floor.

Air conditioners utilize electrical power to cool the gas that is stored in them to a liquid state. The cooling coil then cools the air by contact, and after it is cooled, it is channeled in your home through the same ducts that distribute hot air from your heater. Room air conditioners do so directly.

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