Your Reliable Air Conditioning Contractor for Repairs

After you have an AC installation, make sure that you can keep your air conditioner in good condition. For that, Comfort Zone Complete Building Service is here for you to give you our excellent maintenance services. We offer our installation and repair services in Springfield, MO. You only need to call us, and we will be there!

Comfort Zone Complete Building Service is the leading air conditioning repair contractor in Springfield, MO. For several years, we have given our assistance to the homeowners and establishment owners in the area. And we have always been their number one choice when it comes to air conditioner installation and repairs.

Make us your air conditioning maintenance contractor too!

When your air conditioner stops working, call us immediately! Our AC repair service includes cleaning as a first recourse. The most common cause of air conditioner malfunctioning is dirty filters. The dust on the filters can affect the functioning of your unit. You can count on us for cleaning! We do an excellent job at it. We use quality cleaning materials. We make sure that we execute an efficient cleaning job on your unit without causing any damage.

And if despite cleaning, your air conditioner still does not work, then we will check for defective parts. We have professionals to do the job! We can detect what parts of your unit are faulty. Then, we will repair those defective parts.

And if they are beyond repair, we can replace the faulty parts with new ones. You can rely on our replacement services! We can provide component parts that are compatible with your AC. Plus, they are authentic too!

Trust us as your AC repair contractor! We make sure that the materials we use for patching up your unit are top-quality ones. We guarantee that your unit will be back in its ship-shape condition after we have done our job.

So if you need any of our services, call us now at (417) 890-8085!